City housing needs on par with delivery

The City of Cape Town has, for the first time since it was formed in December 2000, exceeded its annual target for the delivery of housing opportunities.

The Human Settlement Implementation Department, which forms part of the Transport and Urban Development Authority (TDA), is responsible for the development of new housing opportunities, explains Mayco member for transport and urban development Brett Herron.

“This department has exceeded its delivery targets by 62% or 3100 opportunities for the 2017/18 financial year that ended on Saturday 30 June.”

The department’s initial target was to provide 4961 housing opportunities consisting of 1808 serviced sites, and 3153 State-subsidised Breaking New Ground (BNG) houses from July 2017 to June this year, explains Herron.

“The multi-party TDA transversal committee challenged the department to outperform by increasing their annual target by more than one third.

This adjustment happened about six months into the new financial year, and after it became apparent that the department would exceed their initial goals for the year. The new target was set at 6677 housing opportunities consisting of 2992 serviced sites, and 3685 BNG houses.

These targets were also exceeded. By June the TDA had delivered 4349 serviced sites, and 3712 BNG houses – a total of 8061 housing opportunities as opposed to the initial 4961 set for the year.

“I know these figures might seem small in comparison with the dire need for affordable and decent housing in Cape Town.”