Clothing to inspire other youths

Young Lwandle clothing designer Yandisa Magagana is launching his clothing line at the Lwandle Migrant Labour Museum today (Thursday 23 August).

Magagana tells City Vision the line is being produced by his company, Look at God (LAG). He says the company is not only dedicated to fashion, but looks at education and social issues too.

The 24-year-old hopes to inspire other youths from his community through his clothing line.

The clothing scheduled to be unveiled today includes peak caps, T-shirts and beanies.

Magagana says the company was inspired by his belief in God. “I know as young people we are facing a lot of challenges that result in us losing focus,” he explains.

“So I want us to focus our eyes on God and He we will enable us to conquer.”

The young man knows people have a passion for fashion, and saw this as a means to send this message to the community at large.

“When someone, for instance, sees you wearing something with a positive message that says ‘don’t give up’ it will also speak to you, and resonate with whatever you may be experiencing or going through – so don’t give up. Life is a long journey,” he shares.

Magagana urges youths to follow their dreams and persist to achieve, no matter the challenges they may face, which may seem as insurmountable as a mountain.

He says the clothing line is designed for all people. “We produce all sizes and our colours are mainly navy, grey and red,” he says. “I urge my community to support me as I am their product. I come from within and I am there to show that anything is possible, especially if you believe in God.”

The young man is inspired by the challenges he has been through and achievements reached along the way.

Magagana reckons he is someone who is not afraid to start a new thing, and hopes to inspire others as well.

The clothing’s prices range from R100 to R300.

To order or view the range, visit yje “Look At God” Fecebook page or send an email to