Community reels

Residents in Sweethome, Philippi are still reeling after discovering a stillborn in rubbish container in the vicinity last Friday.

The stillborn was found by a cleaner who in turn sounded the whistle to the community. “I was picking up rubbish and putting it in a plastic bag so that we can pack it in the container.

“I saw this small thing rolled in a black ‘doek’. (At first,) I thought it was a doll and coming closer, saw blood stains ... When I picked it up, I saw a small baby. I screamed and called the residents,” said witness Noluvo Sidumo.

She added that it was a full-term infant, a baby boy.

“He was complete ... He hadn’t grown hair, though. It is a clear case of abortion, even the umbilical cord was done to the book. Perfect,” she said.

Noluvo said it was the first incident she’d come across in the area since her arrival in 2009.

Captain Ntomboxolo Sitshitshi, of the Nyanga confirmed the incident and requested the public to come forward with information about the perpetrator.

“Cruel acts like these are unacceptable. There are organizations that can assist with adoption if someone doesn’t need a child. We cannot tolerate people who dump innocent lives,” said Sitshitshi.

Siyamboleka James, a community leader, said they were shocked by the incidents and called on the police to launch a thorough investigation­.

“We are very shocked by the incident, particularly as it happens in the Women’s Month.

“It would have been better if the perpetrator had waited until she had given birth and take the infant to a children’s home instead of killing him,” said James.

He said they will call an urgent meeting as community members to request women to check among themselves if they can’t find the mother.

Ward 33’s Thulani Stemele, a proportional representative councillor, described the incident as a sad story.

He urged police to leave no stone unturned in finding the culprit and bring her to the full might of the law.

“This incident demonstrates the hardship that the cleaners face on a daily basis.

“We need to respect them based on what they are doing in our community.

“We are hoping that police will arrest the perpetrator very soon,” said Stemele.

Sitshitshi urged anyone who might have information regarding the infanticide and other crime acts to contact Nyanga police on 021 280 3304 or 082 469 2470 or Crime Stop on 086 001 0111.