Donation aids learning

Learners at Silukhanyo Primary School in Asanda Village were all smiles when they were given learning materials on Wednesday 29 August.

More than 170 learners, from Grade R to Grade 3, who come from needy situations, received crayons to use in class from one of the school’s teachers, Xolisa Kobese.

He told CityVision he saw the need and thought he could add something – no matter how small – to assist.

Kobese said it was also in celebration of his 13th wedding anniversary.

The smiles on the learners’ faces showed how pleased they were with the donation, which came from someone they knew.

“I decided to celebrate my 13th anniversary with my wife in a different and stylish way this year,” Kobese said.

“I am on the committee of literacy and I know how our learners are struggling, not only here but elsewhere too.”

He said most learners struggle with writing and reading, and he has also sourced newspapers to help learners to read more.

“I know this is not much, but I know it will go a long way for these learners,” Kobese says.

“Anyone who can help our community in any way is always welcome. This may look small if you can afford it, but some of these kids’ parents cannot.”

Nomalibongwe Siphungu, a Grade 3 teacher, thanked Kobese for his generous gift to the school’s learners.

She said most learners had no crayons and this impacted on the work teachers have to do in the foundation phase.

“In the phase which are currently in, they mostly use drawings and colouring for them to understand different colours,” Siphungu said.

“We really thank the teacher for this, as some of these learners’ parents are unable to buy these materials. Some learners fight over these things, as they are scarce.

“To us this is big, and it comes just before examinations, when it would be needed most. Our learners can now share in peace, knowing that they have a lot in store.”

The smiles on the learners’ faces spoke of their gratitude to Kobese.