Gug’s Liyanda proud to donate

A young businessman from Gugulethu, has called on others to join him in ensuring that needy students from the Class of 2018 get financial support they need to kick- start their careers at tertiary institutions.

Liyanda Handula, CEO of Masithuthuke Holdings has pledged R50 000 towards the initiative.

The Gugulethu -born entrepreneur said: “I have observed that the majority of my peers outside Gugulethu are not making a difference in the area.”

He has been resident in Gauteng for the past 18 years.

Handula said they would normally meet during the festive season to exchange ideas, and give “constructive” advice to one another.

“We all wish to make a contribution, add value and in so doing, bring positive change to the lives of our beloved community,” he said.

“Due to constraints, these proposals never materialise, hence we have now taken this important decision - a first step in making the difference.”

He called on other businesses to join the initiative in line with Gugulethu’s 60th anniversary celebrations.

“This is a call for the business community to ensure that more needy students, even if they are 60 in total, access tertiary education through our efforts,” said Handula.

A task team comprising of structures managing and running three Gugulethu high schools (Fezeka, ID Mkhize and Intshukumo), representatives from independent institutions and structures will sit and workout a criteria that will ensure that deserving students qualify for the bursary.