Two young entrepreneurs from Khayelitsha share the experience of their township through physical activities.

Buntu Matole (30) and Ayanda Cuba (28) started a tourism company called ABCD Concepts in 2016 that not only tells the history of Khayelitsha but also includes tours to showcase the township.

Before each tour Matole and Cuba share the history of how Khayelitsha came about and when it was established.

The pair say their mission is to express the experiences and interactions of people and businesses within communities through physical activity.

Matole said before they started they used to organise sports tournaments.

“We used to host sports tournaments and company called Air BnB asked us to create an experience of Khayelitsha after seeing that we were able to gather support for these tournaments,” he said.

Matole said they started with walking tours around the township.

“Since I have always loved jogging we started with jogging tours and then we decided to give an alternative for others and that is how cycling tours came about even though it was not something new,” said Matole.

They offer three tour experiences Runkasi a nine kilometre jog through the streets and between the oldest and youngest communities, Cycling through guided routes and the history of the township.

He said the reason they opted for such tours (physical tours) is because they are trying to promote a healthy lifestyle since walking and cycling are considered exercises.

Matole said at first they attracted international tourists but that is slowly changing.

“To accommodate locals as well we have what we call Sunday rides which is the cycle tour costing R280 per person.

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