Help Oji stake his claim for compensation

Malusi Amos Oji, formerly an employee of Altitude Scaffolding, is in dire need of assistance­.

Oji, from Site B, wants to begin court action after screws were inserted in his leg without his knowledge. He says he has not been compensated or received any money from his former employers.

In 2016, Oji fell from steps while he was working and broke his leg. According to him, the company took him to hospital and paid for the fees and for three out of the four months that he was at home.

He says that he wasn’t aware that the doctor had inserted screws in his leg and only found out after retirement, as he was experiencing pain.

“To my surprise, on checking the x-rays, I discovered there was a rod and screws inserted in my leg.”

Oji says that he wishes he would have been consulted before they made the decision to go ahead with the surgery because the pain is severe, and had he known, he would have chosen to have his leg amputated­.

“I am in so much pain, I struggle to even sleep. I can’t afford to go to the doctor or have this rod and screws removed and I just want the company and the doctor to pay for what they did to me,” he stressed.

According to him, the department of labour told him there is money available for him but they cannot access it due to the letter he received from the doctor claiming there was no permanent damage to his leg.

City Vision contacted Oji’s previous employers for comment, but the woman on the other end of the line, who only gave her name as H Fisher, said the issue has nothing to with them.

“Mr Oji was paid for the first three months that he stayed at home, so we do not owe him anything, we still have not been paid by the Compensation Fund either,” she said.

Oji is desperate for legal representation or advice. Call him on 064 038 4025.