Mfokazulu blasts crowds

Khaya Masayidi, the young maskandi artist from Taiwan in Site C, seems to be taking the industry by storm, what with his latest album, Ubambo Lwam, which he released late last year.

Masayidi (27), affectionately known in music circles asMfokazulurecently mesmerised music lovers during performance at Site C Taxi rank in Khayelitsha­ – so much so that the crowds took on a singalong to his lyrics.

Mfokazulu said he was thrilled with the support, adding, it was “breathtaking”.

“I really enjoyed performing in front of a big audience. It shows that people still love maskandi and enjoy our music,” he said.

Mfokazulu said he started music at young age like many other young boys.

“I grew up playing guitar as young boy. And even after I became a man, I never stoped playing. I came here, to Cape Town, to study in 2011. In 2014 I joined a group called Amagatyane Amahle here in Khayelitsha as a backing singer.

“However, in 2016 the founder of that group, Maveletshisa, went solo and I was also part of his backing vocalist,” he said.

Last year Mfokazulu also decided to go solo and at the same time released an album­.

“Last year I felt I was ready to stand on my own ... All the 11 songs in the album were written by me. The response from supporters is great because people are buying it (the album),” he said.

He added that he performs at taxi ranks, weddings and other special occasions to promote his album.

Piracy is the main challenge in the industry, he said.

“We are pleading with the people to stop buying fake music. These pirates are killing us.”

Anyone who wants to order a CD can contact Mfokazulu on 078 057 3136. The CD costs R70 a copy.