Nomzamo’s own lab

Nomzamo High School science learners now proudly boast their own science laboratory.

Being provided with a fully equipped state-of-the-art science lab with smart technology installed, means they no longer have to go to a nearby school for their science practicals.

This was made possible by the University of the Western Cape (UWC), Western Cape Education Department and Garden Cities-Archway Foundation.

The lab was officially opened on Tuesday 4 September, and the science learners got to do experiments for the first time in their own lab.

Professor Shaheed Hartley of the UWC Science Learning Centre said the school’s commitment to teaching science made the university partner with it.

“We asked the school to send science teachers to the university for training, and the commitment was very impressive,” he said. “The principal and the teachers worked very hard to achieve good results without a lab, and having a lab will strengthen their ability to teach.”

Myrtle February, chairperson of Garden Cities-Archway Foundation, which funds schools on such projects, says Nomzamo now has no excuse not to continue producing results.

“We want to see results now because the lab is here,” she said.

“UWC is providing them with intellectual capacity and we built this for them. The learners and teachers will have no excuse.”

Ethel Majada, a science teacher at the school, said the days of asking for help from nearby schools, especially for experiments, is over.

“We were teaching children from textbooks, and they could not see what we were talking about,” she said. “We used nearby schools who have labs. Now this lab will give teachers confidence and the learners enhanced knowledge,” she said.

Elethu Ralarala (17), one of the learners said: “I am very happy because this shows our future is seen as a priority, and is therefore brighter. We promise to continue delivering desired results.”

The school came out tops among the Quintile 3 schools last year in Physical Science – this without a lab.

UWC registrar Nita Lawton-Misra, who has been involved in many community development projects said social engagement is one of their pillars.

She said: “We want to uplift communities. Our involvement is ongoing, and we will continue taking teachers from the school for training at the university.”