Police take stand against abuse

Last Friday, the Nyanga Police Station launched Men Against Femicide, a programme aimed at eradicating violence against women.

Male staff and community members will sign a petition stating that they are against abuse and will do anything in their power to protect women in the Nyanga community.

The launch began with a candle lighting ceremony, a prayer and a few words from Colonel Kenneth Abrahams, who is also a human resources practitioner and chairman of the Men for Change Programme.

“We need to do everything in our power to end violence and abuse against women because we need to value and treasure women more, they do a lot for us and we wouldn’t be here if it had not been for them,” he said.

The Men for Change programme is a group of men that get together on a quarterly basis for the sole purpose of developing the community and coming up with practical solutions in order to protect and end violence against women.

“Our aim is to sensitise our friends and colleagues and make them aware of what is happening so that we can work together to bring the violence to an end,” he said.

Abrahams also added that alcohol is a huge contributor and if men could cut down on alcohol use, then it would be a great start.

Colonel Hannes Nel, who started the Men Against Femicide programme, also spoke: “This programme’s mission is to pay special attention to victims of abuse, to stand in solidarity and show women support.

“We plan to take matters of violence very seriously and we will make sure that perpetrators are charged and get their days in court.”

He added that the community is in a plight (of violence against women and girl children) and men need to unite and help fight this problem as a collective.

Police Captain, Reverend Ayanda Jacobs, who also works as a chaplain for the health and wellness section for Nyanga, added her voice to the proceedings.

“Men were created to protect and to provide. It hurts that men are doing this to us.

“Men have authoritative voices and but it’s even worse when they abuse that authority. We are looking for men who will fight and take a stand against other men.”