Prodigy Blue K a rare rap gem

Kamvelihle Melaphi is the hidden gem that is set to take the hip hop scene by storm in Khayelitsha.

Blue K, as she is widely known, is a rapper, song writer and dancer.

Born in Khayelitsha, and at just 14- years old, she has already shared the stage with her role model, YoungstaCpt, a well known and one of the biggest rap artists in the country.

She started rapping when she was only 10 years old with Nadia Nakai; Fifi Cooper and Nasty C being her biggest influences.

She describes music as being therapeutic in her life and as a way of expression.

“Certain melodies correspond with a certain mood and I am a vocal person, so I have always used writing as a way to deliver certain messages,” she said.

In the industry for only three years, Blue K has managed to form a strong fan base and says she is well liked by her peers and community.

Her brand is fast growing and she is recognised across the country with some of her videos going viral on social media.

Earlier this year, she released a single called ‘Touch the Floor’, which famous hip hop star, Slikour shared on social media.

Despite being constantly compared to other female rappers, Blue K says the support of her marketing team and fan base is unmatched and keeps her going.

“Female rappers are always being pinned against one another and I think that needs to stop because it’s holding a lot of us back when we could be working together,” she said.

Although she wants to study business, music is a big part of her life which she plans to pursue.

She said she has hopes of starting her own record label one day and feels that studying business will come in handy.

“Do you; don’t try to be the next Nasty C or Nicki. Be your own self, tell your own story. One line on my first single says: “If I wanna be I could have been another Cardi B”.

“The line talks about calling a person who has the same potential as an international artist, a ‘wanna be’. It must stop happening,” she called out.

Blue K’s music can be found on sound cloud. Follow her on all social media networks: @blueksa2. For Bookings: