Prophet shares on his birthday

When someone celebrates their birthday they generally expect to be showered with gifts, but not Brian Mundopa.

Every year when his birthday comes around this Asanda Village prophet, of Glory Ministries, looks for a place where children are cared for to donate food and clothes.

On Saturday it was no different, as the 34-year-old celebrated his birthday at Ikhaya Lethemba Village for orphans and disabled children.

Mundopa told City Vision his upbringing had taught him to give back to others.

“I was raised by a single parent and I know how difficult it is to be without food,” he said.

“God also said to me I will be a father to many children, and I knew he wanted me to take care of the orphaned children.”

He was accompanied by congregants to donate and spend the day with the young ones.

Boniswa Qondani, manager of the centre, was pleased to receive the gifts. “I am very happy about this donation, because not many people think about us,” she said.

“There are times when we run out of food at the centre, so this contribution will go a long way.”

The prophet promised his church will donate two crates of bread to the centre every week.

“I have heard about the food shortages, and this is a promise we will keep,” Mundopa declared.

Mundopa said it is his church’s vision to look after the community it preaches in, both physically and spiritually.

Bongumusa Sikota, a community member, commended Mundopa for what he does for the community.

“The role of the church mustn’t only be to preach; it must also be fully present within communities,” Sikota said.

“We have to appreciate churches that give donations to the poor, and we need more churches to follow this trend. People cannot live on prayers alone, they need food.”