Ready to go home now

Highly celebrated Khayelitsha quadruplets and their mother are expected to go home, two months after their births.

Inga Mafenuka, her babies Buchule, Bunolo, Bubele and Bungcwele, were visited by health MEC NomaFrench Mbombo and other health officials on Tuesday, and the outcome was that mother and babies are ready to go home.

Mafenuka made headlines in July when she gave birth to the four children.

The have remained in hospital since then.

At birth they weighed between 830 and 1030 grams, but have now reached the threshold of 1.8kilograms.

But not before everyone held their breath for Bubele, who seemed content with weighing just 1.5kg, thus causing further delays in their release.

Mbombo has confirmed that “the quads were ready to be discharged but that could only be done in the coming week due to one child being under required weight, and, based on our policy, cannot be discharged ... ideally, we want to discharged them at the same time. I think by Monday or so the other child will pick up the weight,” said Mbombo.

She said all of them are breastfeeding.

“We are very proud of the mother, especially a young mother who is still in her early 20’s, but doing a great job,” she said.

Mbombo advised Mfenuka to keep on breastfeeding the children and ensure that she visit the nearest public clinic for their immunisation and further regime.

Inga Mafenuka has received an overwhelming support from across the province as well as from the private sector, with radio station KFM also coming in to pledge gifts to mother and babies. The Clicks Foundation has also pledged to give the mother a R10 000 monthly contribution.

Mafenuka was all smiles and seemed content to take pictures with her children.