Samaritan feeds, clothes kids

If you had lost hope in humanity, wait until you meet Cacilda Pennelop Mskanand.

The mother of two noticed children who always played in a park close to her house in Nomzamo and did not attend school.

On investigating she found out they came from poor homes and could not afford to be in school, nor could they afford a decent meal.

The mother of two took the eight children and made sure they are well fed and taken care of.

“I could not allow such small children, who are not even ten years old, to be left like that,” she said. “I was touched, and told my husband we needed to do something.”

Mskanand teaches the children to read, baths them and gives them clothing.

“I love children and I believe that when you build a child you build a nation,” she told City Vision. “These kids deserve love, so they can have another chance at life and not turn to crime.”

Mskanand says she has spoken to the parents to get sponsors who will help the children get back to school.

Felicity Williams (28) has four children, two of whom are being taken care of by Mskanand.

“I appreciate what she does with the children,” she says. “I am unemployed and only rely on the grant money to feed them. My children enjoy the meals they get from her because I cannot afford it.”

Mskanand says the families the children come from need help.

“I visited their homes and they do not even have electricity,” she said.

“They cook outside, as they do in the villages. They need a decent place to stay in, and the social workers need to get involved.”

William’s son Sheldon (7), in Mskanand’s care, says he wants to be a policeman when he grows up.

“I want to help others, but in a different way. I like to come here to get a warm bath and food,” he pointed out.