School to be rebuilt from start

Excitement was evident on the faces of Kwa-Faku Primary School staff members and learners in Lower Crossroads as their school is in the process of being reconstructed.

The building was demolished after its structure fell into ruin.

Deputy principal Sydney John said the new school will revive their learner’s self-esteem and attract more learners from other neighbouring schools to come and study there.

“The school was demolished in June after the structure was dilapidated. We are grateful that the government heard our grievances following many years of outcries ... The structure was [leaking] in winter, and hot in summer,” he said.

John described the rebuilding of the new school as a dream come true.

“As staff members and learners, we feel so proud because we will have a modernised school.”

MEC for Education Debbie Schäfer’s spokesperson, Jessica Shelver, said the Department of Public Works has indicated that site handover will take place this month with the practical completion set for December.

“These timelines may shift due to external influences beyond the department’s control. The school will consist four Grade R classrooms, 12 foundation phase classrooms, 12 intermediate phase classrooms, four senior phase classrooms, two multi-purpose classrooms, one multimedia centre, one science laboratory, a hall, feeding kitchen and levelled sports field,” she counted.

She said the total cost of the school is R72m.

Chairperson of Education Sector in Philippi Development Forum Pamela Buhlungu described the reconstruction of the school as great victory for the community of Philippi at large.

“We’ve been fighting for rebuilding of the since 2016. That school was built by Chinese people who were visited the country in 2000.

“And it is not only Kwa-Faku, most of Philippi schools are not in good condition. Intsebenziswano High School developed cracks on the walls, when we suggested to the department to destroy it and start afresh it refused.

“Instead the department forked out R500 000 for repairs,” said Buhlungu.

She added that even Masivuke Primary School in Philippi was in bad shape.