Sweet ‘n Lovely pizzas all the rage at local hut

Young Nokuthula Sigaba, an entrepreneur from Site C, has urged others to follow their dreams and stop waiting for government hand-outs.

Nokuthula is the owner of Sweet ‘n Lovely Pizza Take Away, based in Khayelitsha, on the corner of Spine Road and Ngcwalazi Street. The area is called Groova Park.

She started her company in 2013 and says her pizzas are in demand, judging by the numbers of customers, who grow daily.

“I was working at a pizza business for a long time. After I quit my job seven years ago, I decided to open my own business. I did some research and I noticed that there are various kinds of food outlets in Khayelitsha, but none sell pizza.

“I saw an opportunity and started this business. In 2016 I decided to extend my business by selling beef and pork ribs,” said Sigaba.

“I sell different flavours of pizza, including the so-called Cape Town pizza, which contains mince, chicken, beef and there is the ‘Khaltsha’ pizza, with beef, chicken mayo, pork and red pizza which are the most favourites with the customers.

“The prices range between R35 for small to R120 for a large pizza.

“Beef ribs cost about R130 a kilo to R70 for 500 grams, pork ribs cost R150 kg and R80 for 500 grams and all going together with chips. And Russian and chips is R28,” she said.

Nokuthula operates from two caravans selling her pizzas and has a mobile oven for making pizza and another caravan for selling meat.

She has about five staff members under her employ.

Lungiswa Mlonyeni, who described her self as a regular customer, said she liked the beef flavoured pizza more.

“Every time I’m here, I come to buy pizza. It is delicious and it beats the other pizzas sold in well-known food outlets.”