The man who calls himself ‘God’

Qondile Polisana shocked the country when he announced on national radio station two weeks ago that he is “God”.

The 36-year-old was recently back on radio, still saying he is “God”. The Asanda Village residents wants people to know he is here to help them. “I am here now,” he told City Vision. “I am ‘God’. I will rectify all the wrong writings in the Bible.”

Following these startling remarks, Polisana was asked how he knows he is “God”. He replied: “I know who I am, and God has never touched earth, although he said he will come.”

He claimed there’s only one correct verse in the Bible. “The Bible is full of lies and people have been misled for a long time,” he said. “The only correct verse is the one that talks about God coming back.”

Polisana is from eNgcobo in the Eastern Cape, where the Seven Angels Church was founded.

The church saw its members, including its leader, arrested after police were shot dead in eNgcobo earlier this year.

Its leader believed education was not good for children.

People left their homes and belongings to stay at the church until the fateful day of the shoot-out with police.

However, Polisana claimed he is not from the church; in fact, he does not belong to any church. “I came to earth through my mother’s womb and I knew from that day that I am ‘God’,” he said. “My birth was just the transportation for me to get here.”

According to Asanda Village resident Loyiso Malizana, Polisana really believes he is “God”.

“He answers every question and always maintains he is ‘God’,” he said. “I really don’t know what happened to him because he was a very quiet person. We used to travel by train with him.”

Polisana is employed, but he does not spend the money he earns.

“I am just working to pass the time,” he said. “I want the media to organise a stadium where I will be formally introduced to the public, and I will take my people with me.”

Zolani Malusi, a traditional healer and founder of Ethembeni Church in Zion, said he is worried about Polisana’s life.

“His family must come and take him back home to meet the elders,” Malusi said. “There is no sane person who will call themselves God.”

Polisana’s cousin, Nokuthula Ntlazana, has pleaded to the community for help.

“He was never like this,” she said. “It will be great if people can assist us to get him psychological help.”

Polisana said he was formerly a traditional healer, but only did that because his family didn’t believe him when he told them he is “God”.

“I told them about the things I saw and they thought I must be a traditional healer, but that is not who I am,” he insisted.