The trio that makes one laugh

A trio from Zola all concur that making people laugh is something that comes from deep within them.

One can rest assured that when David Tyutulo, Kopanang Motsohi and Nkosayithethi Phakane are on stage they will leave one in stitches.

They told City Vision that showbiz mentor Siyabulela Nkosana played a huge part in their comedic direction.

They say he taught them drama and comedy and, most importantly, the confidence to stand on stage in front of a crowd and perform.

The three funnymen now perform at churches, weddings or any event they are invited to in the greater Lwandle area.

Tyutulo recalls being summoned by Nkosana to a hall to entertain a group of children in 2007.

“At first I did not understand why I was asked to go to the hall, nor did I think I would fall in love with what I do today,” he said.

“Then I just went along as any other child would do and did as I was told. Sometimes I wouldn’t go to the hall and Nkosana would go looking for me around the kasi.”

But, Tyutulo says, as time went by he was the one championing the arts in the area.

He established the Youth Promoters Production along with Motsohi and Phakane in 2014

“Sometimes we write down things when we are about to perform, so we can do a bit of rehearsal,” says Tyutulo.

“But at times, topics just come naturally; what is important is that people are entertained.”

Motsohi says the trio started taking note of the people and things around them, distilling it into material suitable for the stage. Together they try different ways and means, seeing what works and what doesn’t.

They agree the support for art in their area is generally minimal, although they appreciate the support from the locals.