Tinto thumps Qatyana

Christmas Tinto Primary School thumped Solomon Qatyana Primary 2-0 in the under-10 school league on Wednesday 29 August.

Qatyana started the game on a bad note, as Tinto scored within the first minute of the game.

This, after the game had started when Qatyana made a back pass to the goalkeeper who, instead of kicking it away, used his hands to block it.

The referee blew the whistle for a free kick (foul) inside the box, which Tinto easily slotted right into the net.

From the onset the game looked even, as both teams attacked each other until the game went to the second half.

Both teams looked keen on scoring goals as they attacked each other relentlessly.

Tinto was once again awarded a goal after a blunder from a defender of Qatyana, who scored an own goal.

The ball came from a return attack, whipping it inside, but instead of clearing it away it deflected to the young defender, and went into the net.

This made the score 2-0, and Tinto walked away with the bragging rights as winners of the under-10 match.

An earlier game of girls saw both teams end the game in a dull 0-0 draw.

There was not much one could take from the game, as both teams just pummelled the ball to the front blindly from behind.

Xolani Hlwele, teacher at Christmas Tinto, told City Vision the school was “extremely happy” with the win, as it boded well for them in the school leagues.

“My boys went all out today and were rewarded for their great effort,” he said. “This game also gave us an opportunity to introduce new players and they all did well. As a school we are happy with this performance,” he said.

Hlwele said he was also happy about the girls’ improvement in the game, as they hadn’t lost much in the league either.

Malandeli Sangqu, the losing coach, blamed the loss on lack of knowledge of the rules among his boys.

“This is a learning curve for them, and I know when they reach under-11 they will know all the rules of the game,” he said. “We also struggle to master our position, but as time goes on I know we will be fine.” Sangqu added that “the game was fair.”