Zungu, father of the quadruplets

“God has always a plan with whatever he is doing, he can’t give a person a burden that you can’t carry.”

Those are the words of Thokozani Zungu, the father of the quadruplets who were born in Tygerberg hospital last month.

The 25-year-old from SST Informal settlement in Town Two is the father of Bungcwele, Bunono, Bubele and Buchule.

Zungu admitted that he was shocked when he first received the news that his girlfriend, Inga Mafenuka (22) is pregnant with quadruplets.

“A day before she went to Michael Mapongwana Clinic in Site B for a scan, she was sleeping over at my place and I was joking, asking her: “What if you are pregnant with four children?’. She didn’t answer me, instead she asked me back the same question.

“I said I will leave her and go back to KwaZulu-Natal and we laughed,” said the soft-spoken Zungu.

He said Mafenuka phoned him after she met with the doctors and told him she had been referred to Tygerberg Hospital.

“I asked her what did the doctors say, she refused to tell me, instead she told me that we will talk later.

“She phoned in the evening and said she is pregnant with four kids.

“I was shocked and I couldn’t believe (it). I thought maybe she was pulling my leg, maybe she will phone later and explain.

“I stayed for two days waiting for her to say she was joking. I couldn’t eat, I was thinking how am I going to raise four children,” he said.

Zungu said he prayed in an attempt to find answers from above.

“I was so stressed, asking God why he was punishing me with four children at the same time, but later I consoled myself and accepted them. I told myself that God can’t curse me with children.

“And I vowed to love and do everything in my power to make them happy,” said Zungu, who is working as a stock room controller at a clothing retailer in Goodwood.

He later informed his mother of his quads.

“Even my mother was shocked and said they never had quadruplets, or even twins in their family, and I am the first person to have them,” said the father, who also has a two-year- old boy.

He said he wishes that he can have money to send it to his mother to come down to Cape Town to see her grandchildren.