Virosh Naidoo worked for an internet café in Tongaat for nine years, which is now VK Technologies Internetcafe/ Computer Store and Digital Printers, next to NU Stores.

When the business was not at its peak and was going to go for sale she offered to purchase the business with the name but was unsuccessful for the owner wanted to keep his name.

She bought all the facilities/assets of the business and took over the existing staff and the walk in traded was as normal.

“Coming from an Indian background I think the role of luck for me is my faith in God and prayer. It was hard being in a so called man’s field. In the beginning it was difficult to be trusted if a person came with a computer or laptop for repairs. They would ask me a lot of questions for it was a female that was going to assist them with the repairs.”

But it didn’t take long for Naidoo to settle in and the male gender to start trusting her in the technical department.

Naidoo said: “I have learnt that sometimes in order to be successful you have to work that much harder in the face of those who doubt you. And that is exactly what I did. Being a hands on person, I worked as If I still was an employee, I didn’t sit behind a desk and dictate if something needed to be done, I did it, tried as much as I could to do the smallest thing to the best of my ability. “From there I then started introducing new improved facilities. I started working longer hours on weekends. It was a strain but it was a sacrifice that had to be made, I have created a good and friendly environment for customers,” she said.

She acquired two other businesses over the years which is Oasis Stationers and Easy PC.

She said that she has grown VK Technologies into an established digital printer and computer store.

“When someone hears success, money and status comes to mind. But to be honest success has not yet struck me. Being successful to me is when I see a smile on my family’s face, food on the table and my head held up high.”

The only time she felt epic was when she received a certificate at a Women’s Day function in 2017 hosted at Hot Shots Niteclub in Tongaat for ‘Women entrepreneur for 2017’.

She added: “That did give me bubbles in my tummy. Being a successful woman in business means believing in yourself and trusting your instinct. Live in the moment, take the a step forward. Today you can be working for someone tomorrow you can be owning your own company but it does not mean someone helped you to get there its pure initiative and hard work.”