Changing lives through the word of God

A TEAM of volunteers from international organisation Reaching A Generation partnered with locals in Tongaat and Verulam in a bid to change the behaviour of pupils in schools and educate them about the word of God.

The team has visited more than one million schools, spanning 142 countries, worldwide.

The intention of the initiative is to educate pupils in the early stages of development about social problems that may impact their lives in the future.

Co-ordinator of the programme Roelene van Tonder said: “We work with local pastors and hand out books to schools teaching children about the life of Jesus Christ.

“We want to make an impact and change the lives of the pupils.

“We want them to understand the importance of living a good life in Christ.

“We know for the fact that there are challenges that children experience at schools, such as bullying and drugs.

“After reading this book they will become better people,” Van Tonder said.

The team visited schools in Phoenix, Umlazi and Verulam last week.

Five children from each school will be selected to study at the International Leadership Academy next year. The academy was launched in Verulam last week.

Author and Pastor Ric Freeman said the main purpose of the programme is to train and nurture young leaders in the community.

Freeman said the organisation’s mission is to influence the lives of the youth through creative products, programmes and development of leaders in the body of Jesus Christ.

The programme is expected to flourish in both urban and rural areas in KZN.

Pastor Shane Govender from Life Streams International said that, in five days, the volunteers have attended to over 10 000 children in Durban schools.

Tongaat residents Rakesh and his wife Pamela Raghoonundun welcomed the project.

Rakesh said that, once the pupils complete training, they will come back and educate their communities about the things learnt at the academy.

Schools interested in participating in the progamme can contact Rakesh on 084 445 3195 or e-mail or Pamela on 083 661 1837/