Child murder accused in court

State Advocate San Bharto told the court that the suspect is charged with murder under the Criminal Procedure Act.

“There is a strong possibility that the accused might face other [additional] charges.

“The victim was seen entering the house of the suspect. The state opposes bail,” Bharto said.

She said that the state has credible witnesses who saw the suspect dragging the unconscious body of the victim out from his flat in Hammonds Farm.

Teachers and pupils joined in the protest to show support to the family of the victim.

Magistrate Khallil assured residents that the court will be impartial in the matter and ensure that everything is done in a transparent manner.

“I understand that the death of person is painful. I saw the protest outside the court. This court is not taking any sides in this matter. I will do my best to ensure that these proceedings are done in a transparent manner. Everything will be interpreted in IsiZulu,” Khallil said.

The matter was adjourned until August 10 for formal bail application.

The suspect will remain in custody until his next court appearance.