Community protest over lack of justice

A GROUP of protesters picketed outside court against the release of three suspects facing charges for the murder of Phoenix resident Donovan Naicker (37) on Tuesday, July 31.

The three suspects appeared at the Verulam Magistrate’s Court for the murder that occurred on March 10.

Naicker was beaten to death when he allegedly tried to stop a fight between two men near his home.

The three suspects, Floyd Reddy, Karl Pretorius and Jensen Reddy, were charged with the murder, arrested and released on R3 000 bail each.

Outside court, family members and local residents carrying placards protested, saying that the justice system had failed them.

Resident Joyce Lazarus said: “The justice system failed us. I believe that our justice system in this country is more in favour of the criminals than the victims. Victims have to suffer and the suspects walk free. We were not expecting the court to grant them bail. How can you give a criminal bail while the family lost their son? It’s unfair. We are here today [July 31] to revoke bail.

“The suspects must be locked up in jail for what they did. He died while trying to separate two guys fighting,” Lazarus said.

Naicker died at the scene near his home in Phoenix.

It is alleged that the two men were coming from a local pub when an argument ensued.

Naicker allegedly heard the two men fighting and ran out of his home to separate them.

“They ganged up on him and struck him on his head with bricks. We want the truth in this matter. The three men charged with the murder should be sentenced to life imprisonment. Family members and the community are bitter and feel that we have no justice in South Africa,” Lazarus added.

The protesters sang revolutionary songs outside court from 8 am until midday.

The matter was adjourned until August 17 for further investigations.