Friendship Games a success

AN elated major sponsor of the Friendship Games, Boston Moonsamy, proprietor of Umongo Petroleum and executive member of the George Ramalu Memorial Trust, announced a whopping injection of R100 000 for next year’s Friendship Games in Chatsworth.

Moonsamy is the nephew of the late George Ramalu, who was a well-known soccer personality and South African Football Association administrator.

Moonsamy expressed his delight at the success of the 2018 games, which were hosted by the Tongaat and Verulam Schools Sports Association (Tonver) at the Outspan Grounds and surrounding sports venues.

Moonsamy has made it his lifelong mission to continue the legacy and tradition of sporting excellence which his uncle Ramalu stood for until his untimely demise prior to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

The games saw three major school zones on the KZN Coast, Chatsworth and Districts Schools Sports Association (Cadssa), Phoenix Schools Sports Association (Phoessa) and Tongaat and Verulam Schools Sports Association (Tonver), engage in competitive sporting rivalry in five codes of sport in four divisions.

The codes of sport involved in the games included, soccer, netball, volleyball, chess and table tennis in the U11, U13, U15 and U17 divisions.

Phoessa showed lots of improvement from their performance last year, dominating both the soccer and volleyball.

Phoenix won gold in six of the eight divisional categories up for grabs in the volleyball.

They won the U11, U13 and U15 boys and girls categories.

Cadssa and Tonver had to settle for the remainder of the spoils, winning gold in the U17 girls and boys categories, respectively.

In the code of soccer, Phoenix won three of the four divisions in U11, U13 and U17.

In the code of table tennis, Tonver and Cadssa shared the spoils, with each zone winning four of the eight categories.

Tonver were too good in the code of netball, winning all divisions from under U11 to U17. Chess saw Phoessa capture three of the four divisions.

Billy Nair circuit manager Selvan Chetty expressed his delight at seeing so many pupils participating in sport at a level beyond the school level.

Chetty impressed upon the pupils to continue to play sport which he believes ensures a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives.

In his address at the closing ceremony, Tonver president Guru Ramcharan reminded the participants of the aims and objectives upon which the friendship games were founded.

“Keeping pupils off the streets and away from drug and alcohol abuse were two of the objectives. Another objective of the games was for the youth to be able to say no to sexual activities, which stop them from achieving their ultimate goals. The ability to be in control of their mouth, actions and urges will ensure a healthy lifestyle,” Ramcharan said. — Supplied.