Great experience for KZN’s karate superstar

KZN’s karate superstar Kiara Lakhram captained the University Sports South Africa female karate all styles team at the World University Games in Japan recently.

“It was an awesome experience being in Japan, the mecca of karate, among the best university karate fighters and may I add, the technical standard was mind-blowing,” Lakhram said.

Seasoned Proteas coach Brando Pillay, who mentors Lakhram - a business science student at UKZN (Westville campus), was delighted with his prodigy’s recent rise in the field of tournament karate.

“Kiara has sound work ethics, moreover she has been rewarded for her never-give-up attitude and I remain confident that she will continue to soar in the world karate tournament circuit,” Pillay said.

Head coach of USSA team that participated in the World Universities Championships with close to 40 universities present in Japan, Sensei Shiner Banyane, who hails from the Free State, was full of praise for his female captain.

“She showed great leadership skills during the tough battle at the championships and I remain proud of her despite our team not making a podium finish. It was an excellent learning experience at the highest level of university karate.”

The multiple national KSA and provincial medallist who is a seasoned Proteas athlete, attends coaching workshops regularly at the Tongaat Indoor Sports Centre under the guidance of Shihan Pillay.

She is currently preparing for the Commonwealth Karate Championships scheduled for the end of November.

President of KSA Sonny Pillay Hanshi said: “Progress of today’s youth such as Lakhram in the karate field augurs well for the future especially now that karate is an Olympic sport under the auspices of the World Karate Federation inter-alia KSA,” Pillay said.

The KSA president, who currently serves on the WKF Technical commission, urged parents to be aware of so called karate instructors (operating outside of KSA) in the North Coast with dubious black belt ranks as they, in fact, were misleading the karate loving children who need to be members of their provincial all styles body under the auspices of KSA. -Supplied