Headaches and chiropractic treatment

HEADACHES are common and can often be debilitating. Headaches can be severe enough to prevent us from working, and even sleeping.

There are several causes of headaches, ranging from serious issues such as high blood pressure; brain tumours; and infections; to benign or functional causes such as spasm of the neck muscles (cervicogenic headaches); tension-type headaches; jaw problems (temporomandibular joint syndrome); and migraines.

The treatment of a headache will depend on the underlying cause therefore a proper history, examination and occasionally scans, such as MRI scans, are required to reach a proper diagnosis.

There is evidence that functional headaches respond well to chiropractic intervention.

Therefore, in addition to back pain or joint pains, if you suffer from headaches it is advisable for you to consult a chiropractor as soon as symptoms are experienced.

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