Natural herbal therapy can treat and heal chronic illnesses

HERBAL remedies are plant based, extracted from natural organic plants. They have an amazing ability to help in the regeneration of new healthy cells and can provide new hope for what are generally seen as incurable diseases.

The treatment is safe, simple and effective, and the products are natural.

Our herbal formulas are beneficial in the treatment of: stroke, psoriasis, eczema, diabetes, heart diseases, kidney problems, arthritis, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, spinal disorders, infertility, acid reflux, poor blood circulation, mental disorders, diabetic ulcers, sexual dysfunction, memory problems, auto immune disorders (lupus), digestive system problems, cerebral palsy, bells palsy and many other illnesses.

During the healing process the body undergoes an intense period of detoxification and healing, thus increasing energy levels, and improves the immune system, improves skin texture and complexion, and delays the ageing process. It also stimulates the nerves, muscles, tendons, blood, bone and tissues.

Our treatment is safe and suitable for all ages of men, women and children. Let us work together to stop your pain and suffering the natural way.

For an appointment and consultation, phone the doctor of Chinese medicine, Dr Meena Kasim, at 032 944 2761 or 082 786 4127.

Consultations are from Monday to Saturday at Shop 13B, 293 Main Road, Tongaat (Nu Shop Arcade).

Branch at Overport: Dr M. Kasim at 031 207 3620 or 082 786 4087.