Residents take a stand against drug abuse

THE Community Policing Forum, in conjunction with the Verulam SAPS, held a drug awareness day in Verulam on Saturday, July 28. The aim of the day was to educate the public about the dangers of drugs.

The event started with a motorcade and a march by the residents into the Verulam CBD, with the community and police carrying placards saying no to drugs.

The marchers then proceeded to Gandhi’s Park near the Verulam Magistrate’s Court.

Guest speakers included Amrith Sukdeo from CPF Youth Desk Forum, chairperson of Verulam CPF Duncan Dube, cluster chairperson of eThekwini Outer North cluster Umesh Singh, Sergeant Ganason from Westville Correctional Services, councillor Johnson Chetty and chairperson of Verulam Ministers Forum Jay Naidoo.

The guest speakers addressed the communities on the drug scourge and how it is affecting families and the youth in particular.

Speakers at the function noted that the fight against drugs cannot be won only by the police but through partnership with the communities.

Verulam station commander Brigadier Victor Dludla said at the event: “The police and the community partnership have a big role to play in fight that is destroying families and the youth.”

He also urged communities to come forward with any information that could assist in curbing this crime.

Dludla assured the community that more drug awareness campaigns will be taking place.