Riyadh residents clean up the streets

RESIDENTS in Riyadh Township in Verulam embarked on a clean-up campaign in their area recently. According to the residents, illegal dumpers dump tyres, medical waste, garden refuse and household garbage in the area.

Over the last two weekends, various residents of Riyadh have collaborated to remove the filth from their streets. They collected over 250 bags of rubbish in the process.

Resident Ashan Singh, who spearheaded the campaign, said: “We embarked on a clean-up campaign last Saturday. On Sunday morning, refuse was everywhere in the township. I suspect that the illegal dumpers probably wait until it’s dark to dump. We are doing our best to keep our environment clean. We decided to clean up the area once a week.”

Ward councillor Johnson Chetty said: “ The vacant property is a magnet for unscrupulous businesses and individuals who regularly dump their rubbish there. Initially, the property owner had hired a security company to monitor infringements but this was never sustained. I had personally erected no dumping signs, but these soon disappeared.” Chetty also said that he has escalated complaints through to the relevant municipal departments.

“I have had two residents [come to me] who witnessed people dumping. They signed an affidavit which I had duly lodged with eThekwini. It is disturbing to note that over six months later no perpetrator has been charged. It is for these reasons that this highly agitated community had taken it upon themselves to volunteer their services to make their living environment more conducive.

“As the councillor, I am deeply impressed by these residents’ commitment to living in a filth free environment,” Chetty said.

Chetty also said he was optimistic that municipality officials were going to act on the issue soon.