SAPS appeals for volunteers

SAPS Tongaat Trauma Centre is appealing to the youth to join the Tongaat Youth Desk Forum in fighting against social ills in the community.

The aim of the youth desk is to empower the youth and the community at large. The target age group is from 13 to 25 years of age.

Co-ordinator of the project, Constable Lance Naidoo, said the youth desk is not a new initiative.

“We have been struggling to recruit as many volunteers to join the police in the project. With this project, we want to change the lives of the youth and community for the better.

“It has been going on for quite sometime but, in the past year, people have started dragging their feet. Apathy from the youth was also noted. This time around we hope to see many people joining us,” Naidoo said.

“Our main purpose is to meet with the youth and discuss social issues that affect them,” he said.

Naidoo also noted that last year’s volunteers visited senior citizens at the Verulam Day and Frail Care Centre.

“This was part of our project to empower those less fortunate. However, we need more people to join us.

Naidoo said prevalent social issues that tend to be a hindrance to the youth are drug abuse and bullying.

Naidoo added: “We need to educate our community about those issues and, in order for us to accomplish that, we need fresh blood — young people who have ambition.

“We will hold awareness campaigns in the community and educate the residents about social problems affecting them,” he ended.