Shack fire devastates family

A FAMILY in Umbhayi was left homeless after a fire ravaged their house on Saturday,

Ward secretary Lwazi Nyembezi suspects that the cause of the fire was an illegal connection.

“We are still not clear on what could have caused the fire, but we suspect that an illegal connection was the cause. We need electricity supply at Umbhayi. How many more people must die before the government listens to us?

We have raised our concerns with regards to illegal connections.

“The only option to curb illegal connections is to electrify the informal settlements.

“Officials said we must wait for RDP houses before demanding electricity as the area has been earmarked for development,” Nyembezi said.

Umhlanga fire station division commander Naren Birjalal said there were no injuries reported.

“Our team responded to a call in the Rajkumars area where one dwelling had caught fire. The fire was extinguished and there was no one inside the dwelling,” Birjalal said.

Ward councillor Dolly Munien said the municipality is in the process of electrifying the informal settlement.

“I want the informal settlement to be electrified.

The municipality is in the process of building 800 RDP houses for the people and, once that process is done and dusted, residents can expect electricity,” Munien said.