Sinkhole puts lives at risk

RESIDENTS in Brake Village Tongaat are appealing to eThekwini Municipality to repair a sinkhole at Brake Village bridge.

For the past three months, residents and children crossing the bridge have had to avoid passing cars as the sidewalk has developed a huge sinkhole.

Mandy Govender from Brake Village Temple fears that devotees carrying kavadies during the Kavady festival will fall into the sinkhole and get injured, saying: “We are concerned about it and we appeal to the authorities to repair it immediately before anything happens. Our devotees use to walk barefooted on the bridge during the Kavady Festival,” Govender said.

According to the residents, the sinkhole appeared in April this year after the annual Kavady Festival.

Another resident, Kola Govender, said he advised the temple officials to report the matter to eThekwini Municipality.

“People are forced to walk on the road because the pedestrian sidewalk got damaged. This creates a problem for the pedestrians because someone can be knocked by a car. We appeal to eThekwini Municipality to please repair the bridge,” Govender said.

Ward councillor Geoff Pullan said eThekwini Municipality was informed.

“The team came and blocked off the pedestrian sidewalk that is affected with concrete barriers. There should not be any concerns about the bridge. I sent the team of technicians to check if the bridge was disastrous. There is nothing to worry about, the bridge is fine. It’s only the pedestrian walk that has a hole,” Pullan said.

He asked the residents to be patient as the process to repair the bridge is underway.

“I understand that people have to walk on the road since the pedestrian walk is affected. The process to repair the bridge is a long process. People have to be patient while officials are working on the matter. We barricaded the sidewalks with two concrete barriers. There shouldn’t be any problems,” Pulllan said.