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GLENHAVEN Secondary School hosted a special Women’s Day programme for the staff who were addressed by Dr Ntombikayise Ngcobo, a leader who heads a staff of 34 at Waterloo Primary.

Ngcobo, whose doctoral thesis focused on the need for women to take up their rightful place in leadership positions, shared some profound thoughts with the staff of Glenhaven Secondary, which is also majority women.

Ngcobo expressed the need for women to take up leadership and management positions through their own self belief that they have the power and the ability to lead and manage.

She went on to add that it was only through self confidence and self empowerment that woman will be able to take their rightful place in the workplace.

She was very critical of woman who engaged in what she called the “pull her down” syndrome which makes it difficult for ladies to be successful in positions of management and leadership.

She encouraged ladies to support and co-operate with women who are leaders and managers in the workplace.

She believes that, through the support of fellow workers, especially women, ladies will be able to develop the self confidence required to take on the challenges of leadership.

Ngcobo was very critical of stereotyping, which she believed should be rooted out from the home where mothers themselves deal differently with boys and girls.

She felt that there was no harm in boys fulfilling girls roles and vice versa.

She concluded with the hope that all women will reflect on the real purpose of celebrating Women’s Day and make the changes needed for society to transform and be more sensitive to women’s issues. -Supplied