Workers down tools and demand wage increases

A HANDFUL of protesters gathered outside Tongaat Asphalt CC demanding a 13% wage increase and the implementation of a provident fund on August 21.

The workers also want the employer to give them a three-week annual bonus and for shop stewards to be paid a full salary when they are not at work but attending trade unions meetings.

The protesters, wearing Sactwu T-shirts, sang songs outside the company and demanded the employer meet their demands.

Spokesperson for the striking workers Nadesen Govender confirmed on August 22 that the workers were still striking.

Govender said they received a correspondence from Seesa Labour confirming that it will act on behalf on the employer.

“We are willing to negotiate with the employer. Workers are willing to meet the employer half way if he is unable to meet our demands.

“We are prepared to negotiate for a 10 % wage increase, one-week annual bonus and shop stewards be paid when attending meetings,” Govender said.

The owner of the company, R. Naidoo, said: “My conscience is clear. All the striking workers are overpaid. There’s no one who is underpaid here [at the company]. I cannot comment further on this matter.”