Writers aim to inject local flavour into school system

THE North Coast Writers Club was launched in June 2017 to develop and nurture local writing talent.

The club, under the Tongaat Central Library, comprises experienced local writers who published a book last year.

Their aim is to introduce their work into all KZN schools.

The book of short stories and poems, titled Prose and Poetry, saw release in 2017 however the club’s dream to have the book introduced in KZN schools has not yet seen fruition.

The entries in the book range in topics, covering abuse, loss of life, race relations, HIV/Aids and women’s issues.

The club said the main purpose was to eradicate illiteracy by promoting the culture of writing and reading in the community.

Vigie Padayachee told the Coast Weekly: “We want the book to be added to the curriculum in school so that children can learn about diverse cultures. We handed over the book to the office of the former education MEC Senzo Mchunu for review. They have not come back to us.

“We believe that the children should read the work of local writers,” Padayachee said.