Looming deadline for ANC regional conference

THE African National Congress (ANC) Harry Gwala Region has until August 31 to host their regional conference. The conference has faced numerous postponements since being announced.

In June 2017, a task team, led by convener Siyanda Mavuma and coordinator Sindi Msomi, was appointed by the ANC to bring unity and prepare the region conference in Harry Gwala.

Speaking to the Fever on Tuesday, Msomi denied claims that the regional conference is going to sit this weekend, saying that a date has not yet been announced.

“The regional task team is still preparing the sitting of the conference which is supposed to be convened before the end of August,” Msomi said.

She said branch general meetings have been convened and problems have been resolved.

“At the conference, we want to see a united and strong party that will fight for better lives. We want party members to leave the conferences with a strategy for next year’s general elections,” she added.

The party has faced division between members and political murders in the region are rife.