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Every August, South Africa gives special focus to women related programmes as a tribute to the women of 1956. Through their march to the union buildings, they sent a strong anti-unjust laws message.

This year marks 62 years since about 20 000 women from all walks of life protested against the unjust pass laws. These laws restricted women’s freedom of movement and destabilised families and livelihoods. This year’s women’s month dawns on us in a time when the country’s women are under increased threat of violence.


Public awareness on by-laws — the municipality has embarked on a multi-departmental by-law enforcement joint operation, from August 1 until August 7, 2018, to educate the public about municipal by-laws as adopted by council before they are legally enforced for compliance. The municipality have by-laws to deal with issues such as: parking, street trading, littering, nuisance, noise, parks and swimming pools, informal trading, parks, etc.

A decision was taken to have awareness meetings with the members of the community, particularly the business owners in Matatiele jurisdiction. These by-laws exist to ensure that certain kinds of behaviour or acts are prohibited and punished if the prohibitions are not observed.

The law requires that a municipal by-law may be enforced only after it has been published in the official Gazette of the relevant province.

Awareness meetings were held in three wards, 19, 20 and 26.

Amongst the discussions during these public meetings, the municipality informed citizens of Matatiele on actions that will be taken if the laws are not adhered to.

A contravention of a by-law results in the imposition of sanctions, an infringement would result in the following sets of actions against the offender as stated in the law

• A notice making note of the infringement

• A notice results in the issue of a fine

• Failure to pay the fine would result in summons being served

• Failure to respond to summons requesting the offender to appear before court would result in the issues of a warrant of arrest by the magistrates court.

Communities are urged to work with government in ensuring that these by-laws are applied and report those who are contravening the rule of the law.

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