Mayor meets with Ward 11 protestors

COMMUNITY members of Ward 11 in Umzimkhulu closed the R56 on Monday as they protested incomplete access roads in the area.

As a result of the protest, motorists had to be diverted to other routes until police arrived and dispersed the protestors.

Upon hearing of the protest, Mayor of Umzimkhulu Local Municipality Mphuthumi Mpabanga was quick to respond, joining his deputy Sindisiwe Nkala and Municipal Manager Zweliphantsi Skhosana at the scene to meet with the disgruntled community members.

People wanted roads to be completed and demanded water and sanitation services. They also wanted unemployed youth to be given job opportunities in the area.

Speaking to the Fever, Mpabanga said Umzimkhulu has many rural areas with a huge backlog of roads, this due to there being only one machine responsible for roads in the area. He urged people of Ward 11 to end protests as their “complaints will soon be a thing of the past.”

“Before the end of September, access roads will be completed. Ward 11 roads were delayed because we are depending on one machine to do all rural roads in the area,” he said.

Speaking about unemployed youth, he asked young people to open businesses and cooperatives to fight poverty and unemployment. He said young people must create jobs of their own instead of fighting about not being employed.

People complained about speed humps that were recently removed on the R56 road, saying their children were at risk when they go to school. Mpabanga said the speed humps were removed because they were incorrectly done by the service provider but assured the community that they will be replaced soon.

Officials from Harry Gwala District Municipality also responded to issues of water and sanitation in the area.