Municipality vows to rebuild vandalised community hall

ON Tuesday, Greater Kokstad Municipality (GKM) announced its plans to rebuild the JJ Mhlongo Community Hall for the benefit of the community.

The community of Horseshoe Township in Kokstad has been using the hall to hold meetings despite the building having broken windows and doors and no working toilets since 2016 due to vandalism.

GKM mayor Bheki Mtolo said the hall will be re-built for community meetings and other community needs. He said a new hall will be built for the Ward 10 community.

Mtolo was updating media about service delivery projects which are meant to develop Kokstad town and surrounding areas when he made the announcement. He said a contractor has finished Groom Street and will re-do some sections on Main Street.

According to Mtolo a new contractor was appointed to finish up mid-block roads before October 31, noting that the municipality had experienced challenges with the previous contractors.

The municipality also appointed a contractor for storm water drain upgrades on Murray and St Johns Street and work will be finished in December.

“We are currently working with consultants for the upgrades of Shayamoya and Horseshoe roads and we anticipate that, by December, we will have a contractor on site,” said Mtolo.

He informed the media about a debt collection drive targeting local farmers and businesses.

“We have been continuously communicating with our rate payers and consumers about paying municipal services. All those who fail to make arrangements with the municipality will face legal actions which may lead to repossession of properties,” Mtolo said, adding that the income collected will enable the municipality to improve roads and deliver services to Kokstad people.