AS we are already in the first quarter of our new 2018/2019 financial year, one of the logical and most relevant thing to do is to reflect on our last quarter’s performance with the view to ensure that our approach on this financial year indeed takes us to another level.

In order to accountably do that, departmental reports had to go through standing committees for a prudent interrogation and recommendations towards the municipal executive committee.

It is indeed on that note that, in the spirit of eloquence and transparency, a council is then provided necessary reports, acknowledgement and adoption.

As part of accountability and to administratively create an enabling environment for a council to play its oversight role, the chairpersons of both audit and AMPAC committees presented their respective reports to the council.

The council was indeed thrilled with the direction Umzimkhulu Municipality is administratively moving in.


Umzimkhulu Municipality is committed to changing the lives of the communities of Umzimkhulu, in many ways than one.

Electricity had been vocally profiled as a major challenge amongst the infrastructural backlogs this municipality is faced with. It is with excitement to reveal that, today, Umzimkhulu Municipality will be introducing a service provider in ward 6 for Magcakini-Ndzombani electrical project.

In ward 4 another service provider for Vuka-St. Augustine electrical project will also be handed over.

It is a factual reality that this day will be very historical to the communities of these wards. We would like to applaud them for patience because this is long overdue, on the same breath we would like to appeal to those wards that have not yet been electrified to remain calm because they are too will be celebrating imminently.


It is with great sadness to observe the growing statistics of women and girl abuse in our communities.

We firstly would like to appeal to all men and boys to stand together without competing amongst themselves also without fear nor favour, to take a stand by fighting any form of abuse directed to women and girls. Our societal objectives will be meaningless and further defeated if these abuses are not decisively dealt with especially by men and boys. Till we meet again.