Water restrictions in Harding

THE Ugu District Municipality has implemented water restrictions to some areas that fall under the jurisdiction of Umuziwabantu Local Municipality.

Harding and surrounding areas are currently experiencing water shortages due to a lack of significant rains. The Harding dam water levels have dropped and pose a serious threat to the water supply in Harding and other areas.

The municipality considers water as life and therefore preserving this resource becomes an obligation towards sustaining the livelihood of our communities.

Therefore, the planned water restrictions are intended to curtail water consumption to ensure that the existing water supply sustains communities for a prolonged period until the arrival of significant rainfall.

The municipality has instituted various measures to ensure that water supply is sustained in the area which includes the erection of static tanks in the affected areas. Plans to divert water supply from the Weza package plant have been instituted but, due to high demand, the plant is currently under severe stress.

The municipality urges residents to significantly adjust their water-consumption patterns. — Supplied.