Always keep the faith

I would like to encourage someone reading this newspaper today.

I do not know what is bothering you or what you are struggling with, or what is giving you sleepless nights, but remember: It is only a test.

Yes, it might be very painful or difficult, but I can give you this assurance – it will get better soon.

Life has taught me that it does not matter how anointed or righteous you are, it will not keep your problems away. In fact, it draws challenges to you.

Throughout my years as a minister of God’s Word, I have faced many challenges, attacks and rejection.

I still face this, but I have learned this important lesson: A faith that has not been tested, cannot be trusted.

Father God allows certain things to happen in our life to test our faith.

In our church, we have been teaching people about biblical characters and how they lived by faith.

When we talk about Abraham or Job or even Paul, we speak about men who had crazy faith – yet there came a time when their faith had to be tested. Just like them, God is allowing our faith to be put to the test.

It does not matter whether you are struggling with unemployment, sickness, a struggling marriage or rebellious children – Father uses these storms to strengthen our faith in Him.

Do not dare give up on Him. Allow these situations to build and strengthen you. You may not see the way out, but believe me when I say there is a way out.

My motto is “I don’t believe what I see, I see what I believe”. Even though my solution is not visible, I believe it is there. Because I believe it, I can overcome the obstacles.

Our faith grows through our hardships, not through happiness and prosperity. Although hardship is never easy or pleasant to experience, it gives us more and more reason to draw close to God. He promised us that He will never leave or forsake us.

So, dear readers, go out and believe. Yes, it may still be painful, but walk out today with your head held high and declare: “I can do all things through Christ, because this is surely a test.”

Stay blessed and keep the faith.