‘Don’t you dare give up’, just continue to run

In life, there are times when situations make us to give up on our dreams and goals.

Sometimes we even allow our past to haunt our present and future plans.

I believe Satan rejoices whenever he sees us giving up on that which God wants us to conti­nue doing.

It might not be easy, it might be painful, but don’t you dare give up.

You are allowed to scream, you are allowed to cry, but never give up.

In life we have seen many people giving up prematurely, just inches before their breakthrough.

Someone once sent me a picture of two miners digging for diamonds. When the one miner saw that the other one found a small diamond, he gave up digging – not knowing that he was a few inches short of digging up the biggest diamond.

If only he had persevered, he would have had the bigger diamond.

That is how life is – we give up on our dreams too soon.

The fact that our friends have achieved success before us, does not mean that we should stop dreaming.

It should serve as motivation that we too can reach greatness.

Maybe you wanted to become a lawyer or a doctor, but just because you failed Gr. 12, you decided that it is not possible for you to become that.

Allow me to encourage you.

Keep on digging and go and rewrite your Gr. 12, enrol at an institution and go for that degree.

Do not look back on your past failures as obstacles, but rather as stepping stones and use them to guide your future. Learn to allow Father God to lead you through it, because if He brings you to it, He will lead you through it.

If people want to laugh at you while you are struggling to keep up, do not mind them and let their laugh serve as a motivation.

There was once a deaf athlete who competed in a national marathon.

During the race the supporters of other athletes tried to discourage him and made fun and jokes of him because he was wearing torn tekkies, falling behind.

The athlete amazingly began to pass the others and eventually won the race.

In response to questions as to how he won the race despite being mocked at, he replied, “I could not hear what they were saying. I thought they were encoura­ging and motivating me to keep on. I did not give up because of them.”

Use those that mock and discourage you as motivation. Pretend to be deaf as they mock and insult you.

Continue running and keep focussing on the prize. Do not give up or give in, keep on pressing, keep on pushing.

At the end it will be worth it.