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Adcol Administrators and Debt Counsellors continue to help their clients with sound financial management, as they did since 2001.

What is an administration order?

An administration order is a court application that is brought in the Magistrate’s Court in the area where one is employed.

The same day the order for admi­nistration is granted, creditors must cease all deductions made from the person’s salary or bank account.

From that day onwards, no creditor is allowed to proceed against the person with any legal action.

  • Legal action includes, but is not limited to the following: summonses;) judgements;) garnishee orders;) attachments of assets by the sheriff; and) removal and subsequent sale in execution of assets by the sheriff.
  • Therefore, no creditor will be allowed to: deduct money from the person’s salary; ) deduct money from the person’s bank account; or) proceed against the person with any legal action whatsoever.

Creditors will not even be allowed to contact the person telephonically to request payment of his or her accounts.

If they do, the person must simply refer them to his or her administrator (Adcol), who will deal with them from that point onwards.

An administration order is the most powerful order there is for debt.

It is not a quick solution, but it brings peace of mind.