Man found dead in veld

Police in Kimberley are requesting the community to assist with any information to help trace the family of an unknown street man who was found in a veld in Ashburnham, Kimberley.

The police are investiga­ting the death of the man whose body was discovered on Thursday (09/08) next to the Rest Haven Old Age Home.

The deceased allegedly complained of pain the night before. According to police spokesperson, Capt. Sergio Kock, another homeless man informed the police that he and the deceased allegedly slept under a tree in the veld.

He said the deceased complained of pain the previous night and appa­rently died in the morning.

There is currently no further details of the deceased.

According to police description the deceased is approximately 1,7 m tall, could be in his thirties, dark in complexion, slender, with some missing front teeth.

“He has black curly hair,” Kock said.

Although no foul play is suspected at this stage, an autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death.

Anyone with information can call Det. WO Kenneth Lemoen on 082-302-0407.