Mine explores possibilities to empower women

Women are being offered the opportunity to share their experiences in the mining world, the business world and society in general.

This was the message conveyed by the Kolomela Mine when it hosted a Women’s Month event themed “Power in Diversity” on 7 and 8 August.

Masala Mutangwa, the mine’s general manager, urged women to make their voice heard.

“I am pleased that in Kumba (Iron Ore) we have made great strides in women empowerment in the business. We are progressing well with regards to our targets of women in mining and at management levels,” said Mutangwa.

An example of this is the recent appointment of Mandlakazi Semane as the first female plant manager at the Kolomela Mine and the second female in the Kolomela Leadership Team (KLT).

Mutangwa also mentioned that making space for women in business went beyond a seat at the boardroom table; it meant being constantly mindful of actions and the words used, and how these words can impact others.

He encouraged women to take a stand against violence and to speak up, to be their sister’s keeper and not turn a blind eye when they saw someone violating or abusing women.

He emphasised that this violence could take the form of physical, as well as verbal, abuse and urged women to report such acts to ensure that appropriate action is taken against the perpetrators.

Mutangwa further said the business could start to make a contribution by providing support and mentorship, as well as strong role models.