Organisations spread goodwill

The third Mandela Day Sandwich Run, aiming to provide 10 000 sandwiches for needy people in the community, was an overwhelming success with 10 820 sandwiches being made this year.

The volunteers who swarmed Flamingo Casino’s annual Mandela Day Sandwich Run in Kimberley to pack sandwiches, are lauded for pulling it off.

This, according to the organisers, exceeded the target of 10 000, breaking the previous years’ records of 4 121 sandwiches in 2016 and 6 189 sandwiches in 2017.

The sandwiches were distributed by Meals on Wheels to appreciative people and charitable organisations in nearby communities.

René Scholtz, the public relations and promotions manager at Flamingo Casino, thanked the various organisations that brought their A-game, time, positivity and fun-spirit to the event, as well as more than enough bread and spreads.

“Well done, teams. What an amazing effort,” said Scholtz in a statement.

“A very special shout out to Meals on Wheels Northern Cape for generously assisting us with the tallying of all the sandwiches from the teams and the distribution thereof; 10 820 is a number we will not forget soon,” she said.