Train brings health treatment to the people

Health care trains provide affordable treatment to patients.

Phelophepa, which translates to “clean health”, is a corporate social investment by Transnet which has once again seen masses of Kimberley residents, young and old, flocking to the train station.

The Transnet Phelophepa Healthcare Train arrived in the city on 20 August and remained until Friday (31/08).

The mobile healthcare train offers screening for cancer and diabetes, dental care, eye care, psychological counselling, a pharmacy and medicine dispensary at a minimum fee.

“We visit four provinces a year and offer services to the rural and underprivileged areas. Our psychology counselling services are free, dental services is R10, health care services are free for examination, but R5 for medical prescriptions, optometry examination is free, but R30 per pair of spectacles and children 15 years and younger get services for free,” said Lynette Flusk, manager at Phe­lophepa.

There are at least 40 medical staff members, including final year students in the different medical disciplines. All patients are treated on a first-come, first-served basis.

“We use a sticker system to control the queue. When patients arrive, they receive a sticker. Everybody that has not received one will know that they will not be seen that day,” she said.

Whilst some staff members are at the train station, another team is conducting an outreach programme at different schools offering screening, treatment and psychology educational workshops to learners.

Patients with chronic illnesses are encouraged to take their medication before coming to the clinic. Patients should bring their clinic cards, inclu­ding immunisation cards for children.

The next stop is at Modderrivier from Monday (03/09) to 14 September, and at Upington from 17 to 28 September.