Cebolesizwe Women’s Day commemoration

TEACHERS and the Grade 5 to 9 girl pupils at Cebolesizwe (Thorn Tree) School held a special function to commemorate Women’s Day.

The pupils delivered a speech on the history of Women’s Day, emphasising that in 1956 over 20 000 women marched to the Union Buildings in protest against the pass laws. Some of the learners had also written and recited a special poem about women.

Cebolesizwe female teachers took part in the event with the theme #totalshutdown.

They demonstrated the women’s march to Pretoria and also took the opportunity to speak to the pupils on current gender based issues including women abuse and violence and gender-based violence

The event was held at school on August 8. Teachers demonstrated the 1956 women’s march, then spoke to the learners on current issues including women abuse, violence or gender-based violence and encouraged the young girls to be courageous and confident in all areas of life.